# Are Fragrance Boutique fragrances of the same high quality as branded products?

Yes, as these products are directly equivalent fragrances of branded products, simply packaged under the generic label of Fragrance Boutique.

# If Fragrance Boutique fragrances are of the same quality as branded products, why are they so cost effective?

Simple, our company philosophy is that you wear perfume, not packaging, branding or advertising, therefore by removing these components the cost saving is extensive (up to 70%). We import our fragrances in bulk from France and package them in our Fragrance Boutique packaging.

# How can I be sure that the product I am buying through the site is of the high quality you promote it as?

Fragrance Boutique has a 12 year history of trading, and has built its stores and reputation on quality and affordability. Fragrance Boutique has thousands of happy customers on their loyalty programme. Should you have any concerns with the quality of the fragrances, Fragrance Boutique offers a money back guarantee.

# On purchasing through the site, how long will it take for my purchase to be delivered to me?

1] Airmail Delivery: Delivered to your post office, at standard postal timings (5-7 days).
2] Fast Delivery: Delivered within 60 hours

# What happens if, on receiving the fragrance, I am not happy with the quality of the purchase?

We are so confident with our product that we are willing to offer a money back guarantee.

# I am interested in becoming a franchisee. How do I go about this?

Answer: Please go to the franchisee enquiry page for all these details.

# Are Fragrance Boutique fragrances tested on animals?

Our fragrances have not been tested on animals in any way whatsoever. As a philosophy we at Fragrance Boutique do not condone animal testing in any form or manner.

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