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Fresh & Revitalizing Collection

Ladies Fragrances
By: Fragrance Boutique

For those who crave the revitalizing power of nature, this collection is a breath of fresh air. Bursting with zesty citrus notes, invigorating greens, and aquatic accords, these fragrances bring a sense of freshness and energy to any occasion.

#46 Inspired by Light Blue –
Dolce & Gabbana

This iconic fragrance captures the essence of the Mediterranean with its zesty notes of Sicilian lemon and green apple, creating a refreshing and invigorating scent.

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#53 Inspired by L’eau D’issey –
Issey Miyake

A true classic in the world of fresh and aquatic fragrances, #53 combines water lily, rosemary, and marine accords to evoke a sense of crisp, cool waters.

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#429 Inspired by Si Passione –
Giorgio Armani

Infused with sparkling pear and blackcurrant, #429 brings a burst of fruity freshness while maintaining its alluring and sophisticated appeal.

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#398 Inspired by Omnia Coral –

This vibrant and energizing fragrance is reminiscent of a tropical paradise, blending bergamot, goji berries, and hibiscus flower to awaken the senses.

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