The Fragrance Boutique family of stores had humble beginnings. Some 15 years ago, we decided to buck the trend and to take a stand against paying exorbitant prices for international fragrances! And so the journey began…

# Are you aware that as much as 80%
**of the cost of your perfume is made
**up of the designer packaging,
**branding, and advertising?

# The Fragrance Boutique chain of
**stores is the leading perfume
**franchise in Africa.

# 15 years in leading the charge to
**save you money!

# We are South Africa’s #1 alternative
**fragrance choice to expensive brands
**and packaging because of our
**exceptional quality reversed
**engineered products.

# Stockist of the largest range of
**international fragrances in Africa.

# All fragrances are imported directly
**from Grasse in France.

# We receive our fragrances on their
**international launch date – a full
**season before their launch in SA.

# We offer a no questions asked,
**money back guarantee.