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#398 – Inspired by Omnia Coral – Bulgari

Ladies Fragrances
By: Fragrance Boutique

In a world where passion paints the landscape and nature’s wonders adorn the scenery, discover the vibrant essence of life with #398. Like a shimmering coral reef beneath crystal-clear waters, this fragrance enchants the senses, transporting you to a realm of beauty and enchantment.

#398 is a symphony of emotions, celebrating joy and the spirit of femininity. With each spritz, it unveils scents that dance upon your skin, evoking sun-kissed shores and blooming gardens.

Embracing your senses, it awakens with juicy, luscious notes of tangy bergamot and succulent goji berries, creating an exhilarating melody that ignites a zest for life and invites you to embrace the world’s beauty.

At its heart, #398 unveils a mesmerizing bouquet of radiant flowers: hibiscus petals, delicate water lilies, and intoxicating pomegranate blossom harmoniously blooming with elegance—an homage to nature’s floral splendor that immerses you in delight.

#398 transcends fragrance, embodying vitality and celebrating the untamed spirit within. A gentle caress of musk and warmth of cedarwood create a sensuous foundation, evoking comfort and tranquility—a symphony that whispers of sun-drenched shores and soft ocean breezes, capturing carefree moments and cherished memories.

As day fades into twilight, #398 remains a beacon of vibrancy—a fragrance embodying sunset brilliance, vibrant garden hues, and the energy of love, leaving a trail of beauty and positivity—an invitation to embrace life’s richness with passion.

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